TELEMED and armed forces

Ther Specialist Military Medical Assistance in Remote Treatment (SM2ART) can play a rol in the pre-hospital fase Role 0 , Role 1, Role 2 in every road-air-water transport of the patient . So the recieving medical team can do the MIST ( Mechanism of Injury, Injury sustained, Signs & Symptoms, Treatment given) Traige can bedone a long distance so the “hop”to the other roles can be planned more accurate. We give real-time medical advice and streamline the medical treatment. Also for transportation to Role 2 Basic ,Role 2 Enhanced naar Role 3 en/of Role 4  with MERT (Medical Emergency Rescue Team ) or use of  CCAT.

SM2ART can be interesting for anti-pirate-missions or where there can be victims but there is no doctor or medical team available.

Use of SM2ART with the specialforces where there is the possibility that patients can not be transported immediatly from the battlefield and stay for days in a combatzone. While using this system a doctor gan advice the paramedic on the scene how to treat the patint.Also very interesting SOST (special operations surgical team)