Tele-woundcare using a Head Mounted Display (HMD)

In this “call-to-action” project we are searching a pilot-partner for introducing Tele-woundcare in the Healtcare

Main objectives

While wearing a HMD the woundnurse/ home health nurse can transmit real life video-images from the wound and transmit them tot the hospital.  Also the nurse can speak directly to the woundspecialist


  • Telemedicine can supplement (advanced)  woundcare and helps triage urgent requests
  • Reduction out-patient clinic and Emergency Department visits
  • Time saving and effective
  • Follow up on post-surgical and chronic wounds
  • Less pain from patient (ride to hospital) and convenience from patient’s home


  • HMD, ICT-infrastructure, training

Supervising remote and adjacent ER / ICU / Hospital locations with a Head Mounted Display (HMD), so called clinical- or Tele-supervision

In this “call-to-action” project we are searching a pilot-partner for introducing Telesupervision

Main Objectives

Distant Hospital Locations can be supervised with a HMD from main Hospital locations such as the ER or ICU. Doctors from main locations can directly observe  distant locations and can give advice to their colleques when asked for.For example burnwounds, critically ill patients etc. Triage  can be done at a distant location and for example make an estimation of  necessity for interhospital patienttransportation.


Maximise  medical expertise  and manpower for achieving best clinical practice in clinical settings at remote hospital locations and setting


  • HMD, ICT-infrastructure, training

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