COVID-19 Test Solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in financial damage for many companies. Goal must be to minimize the impact of COVID-19 on your business. TSo has a strategic partnership with COVID-19 Test Solutions. Offered is high quality rapid COVID-19 tests that are CE marked and approved by the WHO. Results within 15 minutes. Keep your company healthy and test rapidly with rapid COVID-testkits

HeadMounted Displays fighting Corona.

Since several months the world suffers from the Covid-19 viral outbreak. A threat which need to be surpressed. Telehealth services can probably help us in this battle. One of the signs is elevated temperature of the  body. With the use of a HeadMountedDisplay fitted with thermoimaging these  patients can probably be identified and selected tested ( shortage of test-kits ) In my opinion large groups can be scanned and will save time.

Ambulance-Based Telemedicine systems and telemedicine in the time of corona

Probably large groups of patients have to be transported ( sometimes long distances ) from one hospital to the other hospital to relieve the amount of patients admitted to hospitals in affected area’s . Shortage of IC-beds can be a big problem. Supervising transports with Telemedicine ,and bring the virtual doctor on board , can be  an option if there occurs a shortage of EMT’s because they are needed elsewhere

Supervising remote ER’s and patientwards with HMD’s.

Because of the burden of the COVID-19 on the Healthcare professionals there is a need to deploy medical expertise on a efficient manner. Remote ER’s can be understaffed and probably need supervision and advice from surrounding hospitals. Medical professionals can help each other . Also , sick medical professionals at home can give supervision and give remote support to ER’s .

Telemedicine and Telehealth in the post-Corona era.

In my opinion we now need to embrace Telemedicine more than ever. We have to prevent spreading of the virus and transmission of the virus  by doing more and more on-line consultation and see Telehealth as a weapon against Coronavirus – COVID 19. Important is how to give global acces to Telehealth and Telemedicine services ad now the tim has come to prepare ourselves. Domotica / patientmonitoring at home with homecaretemperature devices   are, and will be, important items.

Cyber security and E-health in times of the Corona Crisis (COVID-19)