Telemedicine introductie

TESO is a young consulting company that supports doctor-entrepreneurs, innovative care-organizations and health care consortia with the widespread adoption of next generation healthcare models. TESO specializes in implementing technology and technology-enabled services that improve the care team & individuals’ experience, while dramatically lowering health costs and improving outcomes on a fundamental systemic level.
In order to successfully engage and tackle complex transition projects, TESO believes in joint approaches based on efficient ‘co-makership’ between the client (the doctor-entrepreneur/care-organization who personally experience dysfunctions in the traditional health system and decide to transform healthcare rather than accept dysfunctions) and the contractor (TESO). The support offered by TESO should always be structured in such a way that the internal and external expertise is optimally leveraged. Flexibility is key. Clients benefit the most from a structure where independent external advice can be immediately obtained when internal expertise is lacking to accelerate and/or smooth transition processes.
A joint approach based on flexible and efficient ‘co-makership’ provides key benefits for the client:
1. Client can guarantee that all in-house knowledge and expertise is optimally exploited in order to avoid non-value adding activities by the external consultants from TESO;
2. TESO adds strategic, organizational and project management competences combined with the necessary medical and or medico-legal expertise to offer the highest added value and result-oriented assistance in the implementation of specific solutions for the often strategically sensitive problems and policy issues concerning healthcare innovation;
3. Content support in order to validate arguments and secure discussions based on facts;
4. Process support in order to create and maintain support for change and accelerate activities.
Within our current projects, we have built up a body of (strategic, organizational, medical and legal) expertise on and extensive network in the field of designing, testing and implementing Telemedicine and eHealth/mHealth models within hospitals in the Netherlands. One of our current projects concerns the Medical Assistance Remote Specialist (MARS) project in Weert. In this project an “ambulance-to-hospital” based telemedicine system is designed and implemented . In the ambulance we have integrated a video-camera and audio system. We transmit real-time video images and vital data such as blood pressure, pulse, saturation, ECG real-time between the medical specialist (for example an emergency physician in the ambulance) to the emergency room / hospital. While using live images and vital data of the patient we can give medical advice to the EMT. The receiving hospital will be better prepared when the patient arrives at the hospital. We bring the virtual specialist on board of the ambulance and improve quality and safety of care and improve patient outcome.

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    Video and Audio

    Using a very solid technique we connect the EMS with the hospital and transmit vital data such as bloodpressure, puls, ECG, saturation.

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    Monitoring the patient real-time

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    Medical treatment during transportation

    The medical specialist can directly advice the EMT

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    Optimal preperation of the Medical Team

    The recieving medical team will be better prepared. Surgeon, anesthesiologist, intensive-care specialist can be directed to the emergency room.

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    Telemedicine / Healthcare platforms

    Improvement of quality of care and safety for the patient. Reduction in Healthcare costs