Telesupervision emergency rooms and patient wards

The COVID-19 has tremendous impact on our Healthcare systems. Therefore it is now of big importance to maximize the efficiency of our medical expertise.

At this moment experienced doctors are sick at home who want to keep on fighting the war on COVID-19. Telesupervision can be of help. The doctor on call ,or on the ward, can wear a HeadMountedDisplay so that the doctor at home can supervise the doctor in the hospital ( who perhaps has less training and experience ) when needed , and can provide on-demand clinical support with a live audio-video stream.

Supervision by telephone is also possible but if the patient can be visualized then you lack the aditional “clinical look “which is of great importance. Every doctor knows that although the vital parameters are good the patient stil can be in a bad physical condition. Also because of this extra help with Telesupervision, it possible can relieve the supervising tasks of other doctors at the ER or patientward. Also when lifethreatening events occur , immediate help can be sought by contacting the HMD with the Telespecialist at home, if physical supervision or help is not possible. So in my opinion HMD’s , with a hands-free solution because of less change of contamination, can help the first-line medical workers.