In addition to the webinars and talks that were already shared with you earlier this week (and that you can also find on the ISfTeH website), the ISfTeH Telecardiology Working Group will be hosting a webinar next Tuesday (April 28, 2020 at 14h00 CET) looking at “COVID-19 in the digital era: management and advice from China and Brazil.”


Dr. Gao Fu
Director General
Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Beijing, China
Dr. Rodrigo Santos
Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases Physician
Head of Infection Control at Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre, Brazil
Founder of Qualis-soluções em Infectologia
Porto Alegre, Brazil
Dr. Alexandru Mischie
Head of Interventional Cardiology Department Centre Hospitalier Montlucon, France
Chair of the ISfTeH Telecardiology Working Group
Board Member CNCH (Collège National des Cardiologues Hôpitaux)
Dr. Adolfo Sparenberg
Cardiologist and Internal Medicine Physician
Founding Member of AGM Telemedicina do Brasil
ISfTeH Board Member
Chair of the ISfTeH Students Working Group
Vice-Chair of the ISfTeH Telecardiology Working Group


Register for the webinar at:


Facebook Live transmission will also be available here.

And stay tuned for more info about other upcoming webinars.

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