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Healthcare Platform Telemedicine wins two TIM Awards
The Healthcare Platform Telemedicine received two TIMMIES during the CIO Dinershow 2016. The four “Technology Innovation Manager Awards” – are handed out every year to innovative IT projects. The Telemedicine solution won two awards for the “most innovative vendor” (HPE) and the “most innovative ecosystem” (with partners Hospital SJG Weert & Ambulance Service Limburg Noord and Dirk Peek, Anesthesiologist, CEO TESO )
The Healthcare Platform Telemedicine enables paramedics, during life-threatening journeys with ambulances, to contact doctors at the hospital via audio and video connection. In addition, the doctors in the hospital have real time access to all vital data measured during the transport. The doctors can advise or assist remotely and can start the right preparation if necessary. This allows patients to get better and more efficient care.
Sebastiaan Alves, business development executive HPE Healthcare, comments:
”Telemedicine is hot these days, and will be an important enabler to change and redesign healthcare processes to become more efficient. The awarded solution is a nice example of how the new style of Healthcare and the new style of IT are coming together. It is delivered from the cloud, based on standards (multi-vendor), charged pay-per-use and supplying data analytics for decision support. These awards prove that HPE develops concrete solutions to add value to our healthcare customers, and this appreciation strengthens us to continue the ‘co-creation approach’ with our partners.”
More information is available in this video and on the BVEx platform: “Digital Healthcare Revolution Delivers E-Hospitals and Patient Confidentiality Through Big Data and the Cloud” and “Patient Treatment Begins in Ambulance, on Battlefield and at Home, Enabled by Digital Telemedicine”

Developments within the field of healthcare-ICT have been focussed recently on E-Health and Telemedicine applications. The term E-Health reffers to health care services based on internet-based care.Telemedicine, is a new ,specific type of E-Health application based on using multimedia network services ( exchanging audio, video and medical data ) so that ‘care-on-a-distance’ can be delivered. The possibility of delivering care and medical consultation is very important in the emergency setting because rapid and correct diagnosis of the critically ill is very important and can be lifesaving.

Within the emergency medical care teleconsultation by medical specialists can deliver rapid, acurate advice tot he EMT. For example transportation of the patient tot he most suitable hospital for her or his injuries. Caring for the patient already in the pre-hospital setting can improve the diagnosis, prognosis and outcome. This in terms of mortality, morbidity,decreasing risk of complications.