Introducing Hippo Hive Healthcare Institutre for virtual education

The Hippo Healthcare Institute for Virtual Education (HIVE) serves as a source of knowledge, collaboration and educational opportunities for patients, providers and researchers interested in the field of Virtual Care.

Our mission is to accelerate the development and adoption of innovative patient-centered care delivery models, enabled by technology, and to advance
the impact of virtual care through training, accreditation programs, outcomes research and thought leadership. Through the digital transformation of  healthcare, we are expanding healthcare access, reducing health inequities, and improving health outcomes around the world.

Is for Human

Hippo believes in the re-humanization of healthcare, enabled by technology. The Institute will bring together distinguished thought leaders from the field of medicine, life sciences, human sciences and technology to collaborate on identifying problems and designing solutions to the worldwide crisis and expanding access to virtual care where it’s needed most.

Is for insights

The Institute will establish a ”Collaboratory” for content creation, curation, distribution and validation by experts globally. Understanding the unmet needs of different communities, systems and countries around the world will enable us to co-create solutions to service those needs.

Is for validation

The Institute will oversee a certification program for users who have demonstrated their ability to use Virtual Care platforms which require a set of new skills and capabilities. In addition, the HIVE will act as an accreditation agency for Virtual Care solutions that have proven positive outcomes.

Is for execution

The HIVE will be central to solution-based thinking and execution, with a Virtual Care Marketplace designed to address the many opportunities to help further the delivery of virtual care and healthcare professional education. The Institute will also
house important training information, case studies and education on the digital transformation of healthcare.

Subscription + Benefits

Join a global network of virtual care thought leaders and practitioners

Choose from Individual or Corporate Membership and become part of an exclusive global community of thought leaders and practitioners from the world of Virtual Care. Enjoy a host of benefits, including access to industry white papers, thought leadership content, and discounts to our training and accreditation programs and Virtual Care online store.

Become a Founding Member: $25K

Become a founding HIVE partner and enjoy the following exclusive benefits:

  • Enjoy Lifetime HIVE Membership
  • Earn referral commission for introducing new subscribers to the HIVE
  • Enjoy Founder status branding on website
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  • Opportunity to participate in local Virtual Care events and collaborations