WEBINAR – May 14th, 2020 – 15:30

Critical Challenges And Innovation Needs Of Emergency Medical Services Identified During The COVID-19 Pandemic

The iProcureSecurity consortium is organizing a webinar to facilitate knowledge exchange and provide information on the needs and technological gaps arising for the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) practitioners from their deployment during the COVID-19 crisis. Based on the insights derived from the discussion the webinar participants will seek to prioritize the main areas where innovation can be applied to strengthen the EMS response to crisis situations. Speakers at the webinar will be representatives of the iProcureSecurity consortium organizations which have broad experience and background in the field of EMS.

The webinar will be held online on May 14th, 2020, 15:30 PM CET. Please follow the link below to subscribe to the webinar:


Dirk Peek is member of the expert and advisory board for IprocureSecurity

3e Mobile H3e Mobile Healthcare Innovation Café


Het missiegedreven topsectoren- en innovatiebeleid van Health Holland stimu­leert technologische en sociale innovaties voor het maat­schappelijk thema gezondheid en zorg, gericht op de volgende missies:

In 2040 leven alle Nederlanders tenminste vijf jaar langer in goede gezondheid, en zijn de gezondheids­verschillen tussen de laagste en hoogste sociaal ­economische groepen met 30% afgenomen.


  • In 2040 is de ziektelast als gevolg van een ongezonde leefstijl en ongezonde leefomgeving met 30% afgeno­men.
  • In 2030 wordt zorg 50% meer (of vaker) in de eigen leefomgeving (in plaats van in zorginstellingen) geor­ganiseerd, samen met het netwerk rond mensen.
  • In 2030 is van de mensen met een chronische ziekte of levenslange beperking het deel dat naar wens en vermogen kan meedoen in de samenleving met 25% toegenomen.
  • In 2030 is de kwaliteit van leven van mensen met dementie met 25% toegenomen.

Om dit voor elkaar te krijgen moeten alle krachten gebundeld worden is een zorgtransformatie onvermijdelijk. Op donderdag 07 mei zal hier tijdens het online congres verder over worden gesproken!

Zorg dat je dit online congres niet mist!

Voor meer informatie en om u in te schrijven ga naar: https://www.mobilehealthcare.nl/innovationcafe/

Dirk Peek becomes medical advisor for Hippo Technologies

Dirk Peek, founder of TeSo Telemedicine, has become medical advisor for Hippo Technologies.
Hippo Technologies creates networks without borders and knowledge without boundaries. Removing the typical barriers of geography, time and training to access medical care.

Hippo Platform

The innovative use of the Hippo™ platform can provide on-demand clinical support, assessment of clinical needs, and in depth, ongoing professional development through case studies and team-based learning.

For more information about Hippo Technologies visit http://www.myhippo.life

Real Wear connect remote edition

Respond. Adapt. Scale.

Join us at this important remote event as we explore how essential companies like yours will be leveraging hands-free digital technologies for business continuity at levels never seen before.

Interactive sessions will cover a range of topics, including how COVID-19 has highlighted the need more than ever to deploy zero-touch wearable computing for the Front Line responsible for Critical Infrastructure.

Join us again on day 2 to find the best software solution to help transform your organization!

Available directly from your home office, you have the option to join as many sessions as you like. The future of remote work is voice activated and at your fingertips.


AGENDA – DAY 1 >       AGENDA – DAY 2 >


Featured Speakers:

Sanjay Jhawar






Sr Specialist and Lead of IoT & Industry 4.0,
Vestas Wind Systems AS


Head of Smart Services


Project Engineer Smart Services


IoT & Analytics Solutions Expert – IMEAR
Orange S.A.


Head of Development, Technical Services,
Evonik Industries AG


Founder & CEO
hippo technologies

Who should attend?

  • Field services service leaders
  • Logistics and Transportation operations leaders
  • Directors of Operations in Energy, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Automotive, and related industries
  • MRO, Supply Chain and Ops leaders and managers
  • Digital Transformation leaders and managers
  • Those provisioning front-line technologies for COVID-19
  • Government officials

Participating Partners:

RealWear Connect Participating Partners

AGENDA DAY 1 – April 29

Hear real customer stories of how hands-free wearable solutions are being deployed at scale from digital transformation leaders, partners and analysts.

You only need to register once for Day 1.

Morning Sessions Afternoon Sessions
9:00-9:45 Central European Time (CET)

Enabling Business Continuity Through “Zero-Touch” Computing

Speaker: Sanjay Jhawar, President, RealWear

10:00-10:45 CET

EMEA Market Shifts and Predictions

Speaker: Jon Arnold, VP Sales EMEA, RealWear

11:00-11:45 CET

Connected Work and Remote Work (in the Time of COVID-19)

Speaker: Mark Jaxion, Sr Specialist and Lead of IoT & Industry 4.0, Vestas Wind Systems AS

12:00-12:45 CET

Digital is the New Physical

Speaker: Advait Thakur, IoT & Analytics Solutions Expert – IMEAR, Orange S.A.

14:00-14:45 CET

Deploying Head-Mounted Wearables at Scale: Best Practices

Speaker: Mark Thurgood, Solutions Engineer, RealWear

15:00-15:45 CET

The Application of Wearables for Critical Infrastructure

Speaker: Sanjay Jhawar, President, RealWear

16:00-16:45 CET

Mission Critical Support in Industrial Manufacturing

Speakers: Claire Gregoire, Head of Smart Services, TRUMPF Inc. & Jay Latimer, Project Engineer Smart Services, TRUMPF Inc.

17:00-17:45 CET

Video Support Use Cases at Evonik

Speaker: Dr. Christian Blaufelder, Head of Development – Technical Services, Evonik Industries AG










AGENDA DAY 2 – April 30

Meet software providers, and find the perfect match for your business! You will need to register for each demo on Day 2 individually.

Track 1 Track 2
9:00-9:45 CET

Microsoft Teams

Carl Martens, Global Blackbelt Modern Workplace

Microsoft’s mission is to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more. Join this session to learn about Microsoft’s vision, innovation and collaboration with RealWear to achieve this mission and make the firstline workers’ workplace more productive.

Key industries: maintenance, automotive, oil & gas, aeronautics, healthcare, energy

Use cases: remote mentor, digital workflows, online scheduling

Platform: web-based / on- & off-prem


Register for Microsoft Teams demo >

10:00-10:45 CET

AMA XpertEye

Michael Nürnberg, Director Germany & Austria

AMA’s market-leading XpertEye Assisted Reality platform has been deployed in more than 80 countries, addressing a wide range of applications like remote diagnostics, inspection, scheduling and workflow management. These unequaled remote interactive collaboration solutions empower our customers to improve productivity, speed up resolution time, and maximize uptime even in low bandwidth areas.

Key industries: maintenance, automotive, oil & gas, aeronautics, healthcare, energy

Use cases: remote mentor, digital workflows, online scheduling

Platform: web-based / on- & off-prem


Register for AMA demo >

Transition Technologies

Adam Gąsiorek, CTO & Co-Owner

Transition Technologies PSC delivers Industry 4.0 solutions for the manufacturing, energy, gas and healthcare sectorsespecially based on Connected Product Lifecycle Management, SCADA/HMI, Internet of Things and Augmented Reality, allowing Customers to implement the concepts of Connected Worker and Factory of the Future.

Key industries: manufacturing, energy, gas, healthcare

Use cases: digital work instructions, spatial tracking, visual search, remote mentor, IoT data visualization

Register for Transition Technologies demo > 

11:00-11:45 CET


Gábor Landstoff, Sales Manager

Sunil Duggal, Sales Manager

Ubimax provides fully integrated industrial augmented reality solutions that improve manual work processes across industries. We design digital transformation and help frontline workers focus on what they are really good at, real-world physical tasks, not complex and time-consuming computer prompts.

Key industries: automotive, manufacturing, logistics

Use cases: remote mentor, digital workflows, vision picking

Platform: web- & client-based ((server/client architecture with web interface) / on- & off-prem


Register for Ubimax demo >


Christian Salvatori, CTO

B View enables support and remote assistance, for co-working, for the training of professional figures and for control and maintenance of machinery.

Brochesia – Let augmented reality lift your life!

Key industriesmanufacturing, oil, gas, energy, telecommunications

Use cases: remote mentor

Platform: web-based / on- & off-prem


Register for Brochesia demo >

12:00-12:45 CET

CARE4D Telepresenz

Indu Tolia, CEO

Telepresenz enables your front line workers to virtualize their expert on demand. Subscribe, set-up and deploy this easy-to-use solution in under 5 minutes! 

Key industries: manufacturing, field services, MRO, healthcare, energy & utilities, DoD

Use cases: remote mentor, digital workflows, data visualization, customizable solution 

Platform: web-based / off-prem with on-prem option available end of Q2


Register for Telepresenz demo >

TeamViewer Pilot

Antoan Dimitrov, Enterprise Solutions Engineer

With TeamViewer’s augmented reality solution TeamViewer Pilot, you will be able to see through your connection partner’s smartphone camera. At a glance, you can observe any kind of equipment, machinery, infrastructure issue and guide your partner by setting 3D markers onto real-world objects, highlight, add text and even send documents in real-time during a live video session.

Key industries: IT, manufacturing, automotive, logistics & warehousing, telecom, energy, insurance, MRO, aviation, mining and off-shore

Use cases: remote mentor for repair & maintenance, field services, training, inspection

Platform: client based / off-prem


Register for TeamViewer demo >

13:00-13:45 CET


Amar Dhaliwal, CEO

Atheer is a productivity platform for front line teams– we use Augmented Reality and AI to assist front line teams perform mission critical work.

Key industries: automotive, telecommunications, mining

Use cases: remote mentor, digital workflow, dealer service

Platform: web & client / cloud-based


Register for Atheer demo >

oculavis SHARE

Markus Große Böckmann, Managing Director

Redefining interactions with machinery and equipment. Unlock AR empowered service and maintenance processes for the manufacturing and processing industry with the multiple award winning remote service platform oculavis SHARE.

Key industries: machinery and equipment manufacturing, automotive, chemical and pharmaceutical, automation, logistics, telecommunications

Use cases: remote mentor, digital workflow

Platform: web & app based / cloud & on-prem (white label possible)


Register oculavis demo >

14:00-14:45 CET

VSight Remote

Cihat Kahraman, CEO & Co-Founder

VSight Remote enables experts to connect to the field, which is the point of impact, instantaneously and solve the problems remotely. 2-way video and audio communication, PDFs, manuals, step by step instructions and 3-D models are represented with VSight Remote Augmented Reality (AR) support.

Key industries: manufacturing

Use cases: remote mentor, digital workflow, visual assist

Platform: web-based / off-prem


Register for VSight demo >

Thales Eye

Mathieu Charton, Thales Eye Offering Manager

Thales Eye is a highly secured solution; is available in the Cloud or On Premise; has Augmented Reality capability (ie Annotate on the live video); is very User Friendly; and can be customized to the customer requirements.

Key industries: aerospace, space, ground transportation, defence and security, and digital security

Use cases: remote mentor

Platform: web & client (through Android app for mobile devices) based / cloud & on-prem


Register for Thales demo >

15:00-15:45 CET

OverIT Space1 Ultimate

Andrea Bardini, Product Marketing Manager

Francesco Benvenuto, Product Marketing Manager

Space1 Ultimate offers hands-free digital work instructions, workforce collaboration and a map-integrated console for dispatching tasks, powered by AI. This is a full connected worker solution that includes work order planning and dispatching.

Key industries: energy & utilities, oil & gas, manufacturing, services, transportation and telco

Use cases: remote mentor, digital workflow, visual assist, data visualization

Platform: web & client based / on & off-prem


Register for OverIT demo >

ADTANCE Smart Service

Nils Arnold, CEO & Co-Founder

ADTANCE offers an all-round digital solution for the after-sales service. With the innovative ADTANCE Smart Service Platform, ADTANCE – as a pioneer on the market – offers a platform that centrally combines all important software solutions. 

Key industries: manufacturing

Use cases: data visualization, remote mentor, digital workflow

Platform: web & client based / on & off prem


Register for ADTANCE demo >

16:00-16:45 CET


Marco Zanella, Business Development

Valerio Ferrero, Head of R&D

Eye4Task is a Ready2Use Platform developed to drive and manage any kind of field Work-Flow by enabling hands-free & real-time collaboration among productive resources. InEye4Task, operators can benefit from both a Live support approach and a full set of tools for Inspection Checklists

Key industries: energy & public utility, healthcare, maintenance, logistics, manufacturing

Use cases: remote mentor, digital workflow, visual assist, data visualization

Platform: web based / cloud native solution but available on-prem thanks to docker-based infrastructure


Register for HeadApp demo>


Hugues Drion, CEO

FlexThings is a valued Partner for industrial enterprises who have a digitalization strategy, by providing high level advisory for industry 4.0 vision and implementation. FlexThing implements Industrial Internet Of Things for real time vision, Product Lifecycle for Management of product history control and augmented reality to expose the combination of the two in their production or maintenance environment. In this process of digitalization, a non-structured approach is needed to help customers step into digitalization. That’s what we are doing with the Expert Teleportation offer.

Key industries: automotive, manufacturing, maintenance

Use cases: remote mentor


Register for FlexThings demo >

17:00-17:45 CET

HPE Visual Remote Guidance (VRG)

Garry Orsolini, Director of Technology – Education Services

HPE MyRoom Visual Remote Guidance (VRG) is a subscription solution that delivers enterprise-ready collaboration between SMEs and customers, on desktops, mobile devices, or hands-free wearables. Support resources can connect and securely see and hear the issue a customer is experiencing, with up to 250, ‘in room’ collaborators. VRG enables connectivity to the enterprise via 3,4,5G or Wi-Fi and supports efficient H.265 HD video streaming from the HMT-1 and Z1.

Use cases: remote mentor

Platform: client-based / on & off-prem


Register for HPE demo >


Emmanuel Toulisse, CEO

Picomto is a digital work instructions solution which reconnect your workers with documentation: Do right the first time, collect data to feed your continuous improvement processes and prove that your operations are consistent with analytics.

Key industries: pharmaceutical, aerospace, field services

Use cases: data visualization, digital workflows

Platform: Saas & on-prem


Register for Picomto demo >

Upcoming webinar on “COVID-19 in the digital era: management and advice from China and Brazil”

In addition to the webinars and talks that were already shared with you earlier this week (and that you can also find on the ISfTeH website), the ISfTeH Telecardiology Working Group will be hosting a webinar next Tuesday (April 28, 2020 at 14h00 CET) looking at “COVID-19 in the digital era: management and advice from China and Brazil.”


Dr. Gao Fu
Director General
Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Beijing, China
Dr. Rodrigo Santos
Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases Physician
Head of Infection Control at Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre, Brazil
Founder of Qualis-soluções em Infectologia
Porto Alegre, Brazil
Dr. Alexandru Mischie
Head of Interventional Cardiology Department Centre Hospitalier Montlucon, France
Chair of the ISfTeH Telecardiology Working Group
Board Member CNCH (Collège National des Cardiologues Hôpitaux)
Dr. Adolfo Sparenberg
Cardiologist and Internal Medicine Physician
Founding Member of AGM Telemedicina do Brasil
ISfTeH Board Member
Chair of the ISfTeH Students Working Group
Vice-Chair of the ISfTeH Telecardiology Working Group


Register for the webinar at: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_60UY2IiaRN2La_UAUNzHlw


Facebook Live transmission will also be available here.

And stay tuned for more info about other upcoming webinars.

International Society for Telemedicine & eHealth (ISfTeH), Gellertstrasse 19, Basel, 4052 Switzerland

Ambulance-Based Telemedicine System Wins Award

In this project a voice-communication system, a tablet and a high-definition digital camera was installed in the ambulance. Real-time vital data such as blood pressure, ECG, pulse, saturation, capnogram were transmitted to the hospital physicians who supervised the transport of the patient. The data were directly captured from the vital signs monitor present in the ambulance and sent in one batch together with live video images to the hospital.  With this direct live transmission, advise could be given to the paramedic at the scene. This enabled remote and preliminary diagnosis and informed the emergency room to which the patient was transported (also, patient transports can be monitored from a distance and efficient use of medical personal can be achieved). Medical experts were virtually on board and supervised the patient remotely. Because the patient had been observed in the ambulance, the ER was informed about the clinical status of the patient and received advice about the need for a surgeon, anesthesiologist or cardiologist to be present or for the need to prepare the OR, or the Intensive Care Unit. The system has already passed the stages of Technical Proof of Concept and Medical Proof of Concept.

A complete roadmap is available for future partners interested in the implementation of this telemedicine system in clinical practice, including a positive business case, a technical roadmap for the ICT infrastructure, training of personnel, and more. Opportunities are scalability on either a national or on an international platform. The scope can be extended to include a connection with an electronic patient record system to store the collected vital data and video-images. The system is mobile enabled, cloud based, secure and GDPR compliant.


Enabling multi-level response to the COVID-19 pandemic with eHealth platform solutions  

Enabling multi-level response to the COVID-19 pandemic with eHealth platform solutions  
The spread of SARS-CoV-2 – Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) around the world presents huge challenges to the health care systems and disease outbreak management [1]. Some countries and regions can build on strong information and healthcare systems whereas others, particularly resource poor areas are highly vulnerable [2][3].
ISfTeH member SATMED provides a multi-level software-as-a-service eHealth platform owned by the Government of Luxemburg aimed to help healthcare providers make better use of information technology and mobile health solutions specifically in remote and underdeveloped areas. It is in operation since 2014, has been tested in cooperation with several partner NGOs incl. CURE, Friendship, German Doctors, Archemed, and has been installed in hospitals, remote medical centers and hospital ships in multiple locations across Africa and Asia Pacific, after its initial roll out in Sierra Leone during the Ebola outbreak.
With health systems and public health authorities facing the new pandemic, the digital health solutions and eHealth platforms become key components in coping with the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak and indispensable tools to immediately increase the resilience of the health service delivery systems.
In the light of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Government of Luxembourg will make the access to the SATMED platform available free of charge for healthcare professionals’ community of selected health organisations to fight the pandemic. All e-health applications integrated within the platform are license free. The SATMED interface is easy and intuitive to use & all applications are accessible by a single sign on. With a software as a service (SaaS) licensing and delivery/distribution model the platform is immediately accessible from any device with an Internet connection and a web browser. Last but not least, cloud data storage capabilities are provided (hosted in Luxembourg), compliant with data protection regulations.

Where can SATMED help?

Teleconsultation service as public health measure 

The protection of medical staff against infection is one of the most important measures in the fight against the pandemic. An important element in this respect is to reduce patient-health professional contacts. Telemedicine is an ideal solution [4][5]. That is why many large hospitals have already invested strongly in teleconsultation solutions in recent weeks.
SATMED platform includes a teleconsultation application that can be easily adapted to the needs of different medical disciplines and the regional context. The consultancy function can be combined with any kind of videoconferencing.
Teleradiology services for remote chest image reading 
COVID-19 leads to interstitial pneumonia causing severe respiratory distress. Imaging such as chest x-ray is therefore an important and reliable diagnostic tool, but also essential in differential diagnosis procedures.
SATMED integrates a very easy to use teleradiology function for remote reading of x-ray, CT, MRI or ultrasound images.
Automated messaging service for distribution of patients’ test results, updates and alerts 
The ability of public health authorities to collect, qualify and distribute the data on the spread of the disease and deployment of data-driven mitigation and information strategies are key tools to counter the pandemic.
With the ongoing improvements in developments and availability of test devices, the time from sampling to result’s reporting can be reduced from 1-3 days to just a few hours and it is therefore important that test results are distributed as soon as known along with qualified information about rules of conduct such as quarantine requirements that may follow.
SATMED provides as part of its applications suite the RapidPro software solution – an automated mobilebased messaging system which allows i.e. to use multiple communication channels (ie SMS, voice, and social media) or sending messages in multiple languages to the local population.
Hospital Information Systems (HIS) for provisional health centers 
All over the world, hotels, exhibition halls or other public venues are being converted into temporary health care centers. The Ebola crisis has demonstrated how crucial it is to connect the operations of such provisional health centers to hospital information systems (HIS) of national healthcare systems [6].

In order to allow quick implementation of a basic HIS at any location of the world, SATMED supports the integration of a local OpenMRS [7] instance – that enables users to collect and manage electronic medical records for several different objectives.

Outbreak management with Geographical Tracking and Mapping 
The regional monitoring and tracking of the spread of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus is an important element for identifying disease hot spots, the management of resources and updating the population about the current status of the disease [8].
With DHIS2 [9] tool integrated as part of SATMED platform, the system enables collection and presentation of epidemiological information with real-time visualization in a dashboard. In combination with RapidPro automated SMS messaging system the local health authorities can set up and maintain targeted measures to surveil the spread of the disease and inform & alert the population in timely manner.
For more information and subscription request contact SATMED here.