TeSo has a broad experience in application of Telemedicine Healthcare 

  • We are the linking pin between the Healthcare Industry and the Healthcare Professional and vica versa.
  • We launch innovative solutions from the Healthcare Industry to the Healtcare Professional and vica versa
  • We advice  Healthcare (ICT)  Companies how to introduce Digital Technology into the Healtcare Market
  • We empower your medical staff for applying Digital Health in your Institution
  • We accelerate the implementation of innovative solutions such as Telemedicine by connecting the different stakeholders
  • We have a very extensive (inter) national network of (ICT) Healthcare Companies, Healthcare Professionals,Institutions, Governement etc

Company overview

TeSo is a consulting firm with broad experience in implementation of innovations in the Healthcare Industry such as Telemedicine.Read More

Our mission & values

Our mission is to save time in case of an emergency. We link Healthcare professionals with the Healthcare related Industry.Read More


Dirk Peek, founder of TeSo, is a valued speaker at events around the world. Keep track of all events with our calendar.Read More


The world of Telemedicine is in constant movement. We collect all relevant news and present it to you via our newsroom.Read More

Teso is a member of ISfTeh

visit: https://www.isfteh.org/

TeSo is a member of the board with iProcureSecurity

visit: https://project.iprocuresecurity.eu/

TeSo will be speaker at the Portugal Health Sumit

visit: http://telemedicinesummit.com.br/en/palestrantes/

TeSo will be speaker a the global summit

TeSo is medical advisor at DXC.technology

visit: https://www.dxc.technology/