The Hippo Virtual Care platform offers a fully customizable user experience. With these six features, Hippo is able to leverage the power of a connected platform

Communication & Collaboration

Keep providers and/or users engaged with context-aware chat, crystal clear audio, and high-definition video calling capabilities. Ability to send custom and broadcast alerts.

Interoperable Platform

HVC is fully device agnostic. Integrate HVC with disparate systems in your IT ecosystem to enhance workflows and create a 360 degree view of patients and events. Connecting enterprise systems, IOT devices, Wearables, 3rd party tools, open APIs and Data Sharing.

Workflow Automation

Create and tailor workflow processes and functions to streamline solutions for your specific health needs. Leverage connectivity to improve efficiency.

User Experience

Develop a customized user experience to deliver rich features and content through a variety of media including web, mobile app and smart devices, each of which can be fully voice enabled.


Gather data from user behavior and characteristics, leveraging analytical insights to build and aid monetization strategies.

Compliance & Data Security

HVC is secured device-to-device with 256 bit AES and ECC Cryptography and is authorized to operate (ATO) within the DoD and VA. HVC complies with several IT and compliance standards including HIPAA, GDPR, HL7, 508 and FedRAMP.

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